All Berkvens doors bear the Berkvens quality mark on the mounted side of the door. This mark means that the door meets the highest quality standards.


Since the introduction of sustainable FSC wood at Berkvens in 2005, the percentage of FSC wood has risen to approximately 95% of all timber purchased. Our innovative Fitec material developed in-house means that virtually all of our fire doors meet the FSC standard. Certificate number: SCS-COC-000689 and license number: FSC-C015973.


The STIP certificate is a Dutch certification. It is proof that all the wood processed by Berkvens comes from a responsibly managed forest (FSC or PEFC). The STIP certification scheme is supported by the The Timber Procurement Assessment Committee (TPAC). The TPAC tests timber certification systems against the sustainable procurement criteria issued by the Dutch central government and advises the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in this regard. STIP is a statement that you as an organisation have purchased wood that is truly 100% sustainable.


GND is another Dutch quality mark, and a very important one at that. Berkvens is affiliated with GND, an umbrella organisation for quality assurance that is focused on the quality and functionality of supplied doors. All of the top Dutch interior and exterior door producers are affiliated with GND. The aim of this collaboration is an integrated approach aimed at promoting the quality of doors from specialised door factories affiliated with GND and promoting trust between these door manufacturers and their customers. Social issues such as safety and sustainability are core topics here.


Integrated quality assurance strengthens the hold on a leading position. That is why Berkvens uses ISO 9001 as a quality management system and ISO 14001 as an environmental management system. Our approach here is aimed at providing optimised business processes with a minimal impact on the environment. ISO 26000, the guideline for CSR, has been embraced by Berkvens as its standard for corporate social responsibility.


Brainport Sustainability & Innovation
Berkvens has a seat at the leader’s table with Brainport, a collaboration between Brainport Development and SRE. Hot topics include sustainability 2.0 (i.e., CSR), concrete business cases, innovative power and becoming future-proof.

Supply chain sustainability school
Member of the supply chain sustainability school.


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