Berkvens innovations

The common thread running throughout the 87-year history of Berkvens is its own company innovations and developments. A number of these important innovations are listed on this page.

Honeycomb core

Before Berkvens got its start, an important innovation invented by founder Piet Berkvens was the honeycomb core/cell door.  His beloved cigar box gave him this golden idea. A cardboard egg tray between the top and bottom of his cigar box created a very stable construction. Perhaps it could be suitable for an interior door? It soon proved to be a much more than suitable construction, and the cell door was born. A frame made of pine slats was used on both sides together with a hardboard panel adhered with glue. The space between the panels was filled with cardboard egg tray cells. The glue was then placed under pressure in a press and was able to cure at an elevated temperature. The doors are not only extremely strong, but also lightweight and inexpensive to produce. In the post-war years, this was crucial to the success of this Berkvens door.

A product with such excellent functionality that it is still used around the world today.


Honeycomb core
Berdo steel frame

Berdo steel frame

In a response to earlier frames from competitors that were much more complex, the Berkvens solution was a steel mounting frame that could be used to mount all of the individual parts. And the patented clamp is also indispensable here. This clamp absorbs the wall tolerances. Simply use an Allen key to tighten it and the frame is clamped in. The frame can be mounted in only 10 minutes! Just click and you are done in no time.

The Berdo steel mounting frame fits any contemporary building style. Used as a standard solution in new constructions with proven quality. The patented Berdo clamping system makes assembly quick and easy.

Powerful features of the frame:

  • One unique feature is that the frame is interchangeable in the same construction width opening.
  • Perfect as a door set.
  • Scratch and impact resistant.
  • Sleek details.
  • Low maintenance.


A Berkvens innovation in fire resistance and sustainability: Fitec. This patented material developed by Berkvens takes yet another step in the area of FSC, but now in the production of fire-resistant interior doors.

Its biggest advantage is that rare redwood materials are no longer required. Fire-resistant doors with Fitec can now be supplied with FSC certification. Fitec is actually a sandwich construction consisting of moisture- and fire-resistant panel materials with a dehydrated expansion compound applied in between. This patented compound bonds the panel materials, and in the event of a fire provides a filling and pressure-building effect.