The colour creates a certain atmosphere in the house, but the impact doesn't stop there. An industrial interior may require a completely different colour than a rustic or modern interior. Not all doors in a project are produced at the same time. However, our process ensures that even doors produced in different batches will have the same colour. Although the production takes place in different series, there is no colour difference between the batches. Our professionals are able to balance colours so accurately that any risk of deviation is eliminated.

Hotel with Berkvens doors

Laquered colours

Apart from providing a certain look and feel in a house, colour also has other effects on an interior. An industrial interior may require completely different colours than a rural or modern interior.

Crystal white
Crystal white goes with virtually any interior trend and consumer request. An accessible white that is also widely used for ceilings, walls and masonry paint. Choosing doors and frames in crystal white allows you to match the rest of the interior perfectly.

Pure white
Another commonly used white is pure white. This is a white that has a slightly more yellow hue. This colour is frequently used in more traditional houses and is also popular in the renovation market.

Laquered door of Berkvens

HPL colours

Berkvens HPL doors are available in a wide range of colours, structures and designs. Berkvens also collaborates with leading suppliers such as: Formica, Duropal and Polyrey, among others. An overview of the range of colours is listed below.

Because colour and design are inextricably linked, our multi-coloured EPIC Edge concept can also be produced in virtually any colour. At Berkvens, we believe that every door deserves its own colour. Why should it be any different with the edge finishing? It can be a contrasting or complementary colour to the HPL. Virtually any colour request can be produced.

Not every door is produced at the same time for a project. At Berkvens, our process ensures that even doors produced at different times can still have the same colour. Although production takes place in batches, there is no differences in colour between productions. Our experts are able to adjust colours with such precision that mismatches can be completely eliminated.

HPL colour overview of Berkvens doors