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This disclaimer applies to all websites and domains of which Berkvens B.V. is the owner.

Copyrights and intellectual property rights
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It is expressly forbidden to make changes to the appearance of the website(s).

Exclusion of liability
Berkvens B.V. provides no guarantee whatsoever with regard to the completeness, accuracy or topicality of the data and information provided. No rights may be derived from the contents thereof. We recommend independently verifying the accuracy and completeness of this information before basing any action or omission on it.

Berkvens B.V. explicitly excludes any liability for:

  • The data and information provided on its website(s) and any use thereof;
  • The content and/or accuracy of the data and information provided by third parties on the website(s) of Berkvens B.V., including texts, images, graphics, sound and/or video fragments, software and other objects;
  • (alleged) damage, direct or indirect, arising from or related to a visit to the website(s), or the (temporary) inability to gain access to the website(s). Changes and additions can be made at any time with immediate effect and without any notification.

Links to websites not belonging to Berkvens B.V.
Berkvens B.V. websites may contain links/hyperlinks to third-party websites. Berkvens B.V. has no control over such websites. Berkvens B.V. is not responsible for the quality, content, accuracy or legality of these websites, and excludes any liability in this regard.

Berkvens B.V. will uphold its rights, wherever it deems appropriate, before the legally authorised Dutch court.

In the event of misuse, Berkvens B.V. reserves the right to deny permission to use the web page and/or to make use of certain services offered on the web page. In connection to this, Berkvens B.V. May also monitor access to the web page.

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