Edge finishing

When it comes to non-residential construction, it is certainly important to consider which edge finishing is the most appropriate. The different edge finishing products available have properties that impact the durability and maintenance requirements of a door, affecting the extent to which it is suitable for a particular application. Every construction project, every building, and every space requires a specific edge finishing solution. The requirements a door has to meet may involve moving beds or wheelchairs into a space, or hygiene-related aspects. In addition, the choice of edge finishing could also add balance to the overall appearance.

There are a number of different edge finishing variants available: foiled edge finishing, wood lippings, EPROC (ABS adhesive edge finishing) or seamless moulded EPIC Edge (PU edge finishing).

Foiled edge finishing

Foiled edge finishing is available in 4 different colours: crystal white, ebony, lapacho and light oak. 

Wood lippings

Choosing wood lippings continues the wooden look of a door, giving the entire door a sleek appearance. However, wood is also a porous material, making it more susceptible to damage and increasing the need for maintenance.


To achieve a playful or colourful effect, choose lippings that match or contrast with the colour of the door leaf. EPROC, an adhesive ABS edge finishing, is a maintenance-friendly choice. It is a safe, hygienic and colour-fast lightweight edge finishing with a long lifespan.


EPIC edge

For a seamless integrated look, choose EPIC Edge, a durable PU (polyurethane) moulded edge finishing. 

Advanced hygiene
The chance of contamination and infection is significantly reduced thanks to the seamless finish of EPIC Edge. It completely seals off the edges, simply preventing bacteria from penetrating through. It is also easier to keep the doors clean.

Increased lifespan of the door
Protecting a door with EPIC Edge increases its lifespan and reduces maintenance costs. This means that EPIC Edge is not only suitable for care facilities, but it is also a great solution for other non-residential buildings. There is absolutely no need to worry about maintenance for a door with PU moulding. The material is colour-fast and does not get damaged easily. That means these doors enjoy a much longer lifespan. The edge finishing also offers extra protection against impacts, while also preventing the edge of the door leaf from chipping off over time. Choosing EPIC Edge means choosing quality and durability - for care facilities, hotels, offices or educational buildings.

Difference between EPROC and EPIC Edge
The main difference between EPROC and EPIC Edge is the way the edge finishing is attached. EPROC - ABS is an adhesive lipping, whereas EPIC Edge - PU is a seamless moulded lipping. That means that the latter is particularly suitable for spaces and buildings where hygiene is a priority.